3D Printer Fan Kit for MK1/MK2 heated bed - RepRap, Mendel, Prusa



GSB fan kit works with all MK1, MK2, MK2A and MK2B heated 3D Printer beds with glass

The GSB 3D Printer fan kit allows quick and efficient cool down of your 3D printed projects so that you can print more objects in a given time span. Now you can remove your object from the bed in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Simply attach the clip-on bed mount and insert the adjustable fan neck into the holder, allowing for full articulated positioning of the fan for maximum cooling. Includes a handy USB extension cable for easy hookup to your PC, laptop or 5v USB power source.

An efficient and elegant solution to “bed cool down” issues where adhesive spray or tapes are used.

  • Cool down your 3D printed items faster for better productivity and turnaround
  • Complete 3 piece kit Includes:
  • Arctic Breeze silent USB high flow fan
  • 5′ USB extension cable
  • GSB bed mount bracket