3D Printer Extruder Controller 2.2 Control Module Board Motherboard



This board is a combination of the PWM Driver Board- DC Motor Driver Board- Temperature Sensor Board- RS485 comms- and an Arduino!
All on one board. It has screw terminals for easy hookup- as well as a power jack for power and an IDC header for the rotary encoder.
Its an all-in-one solution for controlling an extruder.
The RepRap configuration is shown at the top- the MakerBot one underneath.


3 x MOSFET drivers for controlling up to 14A 12V- perfect for heaters- fans- solenoids- etc.
2 x H-Bridges capable of up to 2A each. Control 2 motors- or control one stepper motor.
A temperature sensor circuit for reading the standard 100K thermistor.
RS485 connection for noise-free communications with the motherboard.
IDC header for connecting a Magnetic Rotary Encoder.
Polarized ICSP header for simple- easy programming.
It mounts directly to the Pinch Wheel Extruder.
It is plug and play with the RepRap Motherboard.


This board produces an awfull whine in the extruder motor if you use a stepper-motor due to the fact that it has been designed for DC motors and a hack is applied to use it as a stepper controller.

Package included:

1 x extruder controller 2.2 control board

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