3D Printer Control Board Kit 2560 R3 master control plus RAMPS 1.4 plus4988 drive (with cooling fin)



The A4988 micro-stepping motor driver is a Pololu format compatible driver, ideal for Shield and breadboard compatibility. The A4988 at 2 amps capable and 35 volts of drive capacity makes this a perfect match for 3D printer all-in-one boards, such as “RAMPS” with plug and play compatibility.The micro stepper driver supports 5 step modes for bipolar stepper motors. The A4988 driver also supports automatic current decay, reducing motor noise, heat, and power consumption while increasing step accuracy.
Low RDS (ON) output
Optional heatsink included
Automatic current decay mode detection / selection
Mixed with slow current decay modes
Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation
Internal UVLO
Crossover-current protection
3.3 and 5 V compatible logic supply
Thermal shutdown circuitry
Ground fault protection
Load short-circuit protection
Five selectable step modes: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/1
1x 3D Printer Controller RAMPS
1x Arduin0-Compatible Mega 2560 R3
5x A4988 StepStick Compatible Stepper Motor Driver Module

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MPN HC-HK-661000061-0
UPC 720132264582