3D Printed Jewelry Bracelet Designers Collection By Maison203 Black



Designed by Odoardo Fioravanti for Maison 203, Bern is a collection inspired by the map of the Swiss city seen from above with its winding and parallel roads. Each piece is surprisingly elastic thanks to the structure that possesses a sort of vertebral column where curved lamellas accompanying the geometries originate. Each lamella twists to create a considerable optical effect. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Nylon is a flexible material but can be fragile if not handled with care. Color may fade with long direct light exposure. Items in nylon can be washed with normal water.

  • Material: Hand-dyed nylon
  • Approximate size: 82 mm wide and 68 mm high
  • The material used is Nylon, extremely light yet strong and flexible
  • The colour is a result of a hand dying process, therefore any variation in tint is not to be considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Some articles are later hand painted and finished

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