[3D CAM] Prusa i3 Universal Y Carriage Plate Upgrade, Aluminum Anodized for 3D Printer



Y Carriage Aluminum Plate plate was designed as an upgrade to acrylic or plywood Y Prusa i3 carriages. Acrylic and plywood Y carriage will deform under heat radiated from heated bed, during print. This deformation can affect print quality. Aluminum Y carriage plate will not be affected by heat.

Universal Prusa i3 Carriage features:

High quality, CNC machined aluminum anodized plate (see drawing for dimensions).
Fully compatible with all Prusa i3 variations, MK1/2/3 heated beds. Drop-in replacement.
Y Plate has two additional holes for 3 point level adjustment of build surface.
Compatible with 3 different types of linear bearings: LM8UU, SCV8UU and SC8UU.

Package contents:

1 x Anodized Y Carriage Plate.

  • Compatible with most Prusa i3 variations.
  • Great replacement for plywood or acrylic Y-plate – does not warp under the heat.
  • Compatible with LM8UUs, SCV8UUs and SC8UU linear bearings

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