[3D CAM] 3D Printer MK3 MK2A 300x200mm Aluminum Heated Bed, Hardware, Wiring, Thermistor Kit for Prusa i3 or other RepRap Upgrade



Upgrade your 3D printer for larger print volume – 1 1/2 times of regular 200x200mm print bed. Speed up your reprap heated bed assembly – get all necessary parts in one kit.

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MK2A 300×200 Aluminum Heated Bed Specs:

Dimensions: 315mm x 215mm
Hole Spacing: 309mm x 209mm
Material: 3mm thick aluminum plate
Power Input: 12V DC

NTC 3950 Thermistor Specs:

Thermistor temperature value table for Marlin
Small Size: 1.25mmx2.0mm glass bead
High accuracy: 1%
Resistance value at 25°C=100K
Wiring insulation: high temperature teflon/PTFE
Wiring length: 1 meter

Package contents:

1 x MK2A 300x200mm Aluminum Heated Bed
1 x NTC 3950 Wired Thermistor (wiring is 1 meter long)
1 x Power wiring (2 wires, 1 meter long each)
4 x M3x05 x 25 Stainless socket head screws
4 x M3x05 Steel Locknuts
8 x M3x9 Steel Washers
1 x Silicone Rubber Spacer, about 50mm long

  • 50% increase of print size and volume compared to 200×200 MK1/2 heated bed
  • Middle hole for 3-point level adjustment
  • Hardware, rubber spacers, wiring thermistor are included in the kit
  • Use it with 12V power source

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