3-D Printed League of Legends Mini Charm



Custom-made 3-D printed accessories from the game League of Legends. The prop is printed with thick walls and high density, to make it light yet durable. It can be hand painted to beautiful detail. Please Message us with which you would like. As with almost everything at Cosplastix we model our props meticulously as possible to make it the most unique object around, you won’t find this stuff on Thinigiverse :D. Due to the nature of 3D printing the print might vary ever so slightly from the original list. All prints are made upon order. Mini Props are premade and ready to ship The prop can come in 2 sizes – at various prices to accommodate: – Full Size- For your use at your next convention or costume event – Mini Size- Super Scaled down to fit in your palm, To take with you anywhere and everywhere We Also Offer the Unit in several varieties – at various prices to accommodate: – Unpainted and Assembled – Unassembled – Painted and Finished ***WE CAN ALSO PRINT VIRTUALLY ANY COSPLAY PROP TO MAKE YOUR COSPLAY REALLY COME TO LIFE. Please message us for details. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosplastix