Rant about 3DP companies who hurt 3DP consumer confidence

September 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Original Articles

I may get hate for this, but it needs to be said:

3D Printers are an investment of resources (time, money, energy) My opinion is Resources are limited in all avenues. Whether its a 3D Printer in the price range under $500, $300, over $1K, or $3K. It is a resource being spent and the “manufacturers” who want to attract our resources need to take account that we as the consumer don’t want our resources to be wasted in any given way.

I’ve noticed the real popular products w/ quality have strong support systems; Printrbot, Robo3D, ultimaker, and etc all got top notch support systems. People pay premium for their products due to good support systems from the community and the company themselves.

If you are a manufacturer who wants to sell to the under $500, beautiful you’re giving the opportunity for newbies to get introduced to the world of 3DP at a budget, but don’t sacrifice affordability with lack of product support. Don’t get stunned as to why you get shunned by the community due to this lack of support.
I’ve been in business since i was 17 and I’m now 36. And I can tell you this, a pissed off customer can be your worst enemy if he or she makes it their cause to let everyone know that you suck. The age of social media, bloggers, and youtubers it gives their ability to convey their message across much easier. Does not hurt to set up support system on facebook groups or pages, to let your customers know, hey I’m here for you and so are many other consumers who bought our products. Its free, just cost you some resources in the form of time.
In my opinion and experience, companies who have an excellent customer support system are the ones who have a better shot at succeeding long term. Why does Apple continue to get their customers to buy over priced products (i’m one of them, BTW) cause of service. Now you know…. NBC….