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By Laman Ismayilova

A resident of Khachmaz region, has found an interesting way to heat his house.

Fakhraddion Bahadurov uses handicraft heating system, that draws significant attention being applicable in agriculture as well. 

Only two sacks of nutshells is enough to warm the house during the day.

Installing this unique nuts heating system costed 1,500 AZN ($842).

Human activity is overloading an atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions.

Technological development has resulted in fast depletion of non-renewable energy resources, mainly coal and petroleum.

For these reasons, people have found other sources of energy that do not negatively impact  the environment and human health.

Azerbaijan has good renewable energy resources. The wind, which blows more than 250 days per year and may generate 2.4 billion kWh of electricity annually, is the country’s preferred option because of its lower cost, environmental soundness and unlimited availability.

The country rich in oil and gas targets reducing dependence on non-renewable resources and has several initiatives to diversify its energy mix and increase energy efficiency.

In 2016, Azerbaijan joined almost 200 countries from every corner of the world to sign the Paris Agreement, committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to support “green planet”.

In addition, Azerbaijan intends to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35 percent by 2030.

Some experts believe that the era of alternative energy is coming forth in Azerbaijan.

The country invested 987.4 million manats ($613 million) in the development of alternative energy in 2005-2015. About 83 percent of this amount accounted for public investment, while another 17 percent for private sector.

Some 12 percent of public investment have been provided by the State Agency. Overall, the projects implemented so far will enable the country to save 1.1 billion cubic meters of gas in 2020, which will ensure the growth of the country’s export capacity as well as 7.9 percent of GDP.

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