A DIY Wooden Combination Lock Is Rad But Maybe Not Secure – Popular Mechanics (blog)

March 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Maybe not the most airtight security, but by far the coolest.

matthais wandel clock

After a successful DIY project, you might experience a bit of paranoia in terms of protection. If so, there’s one answer: Matthais Wandel’s DIY wooden combination lock.

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The lock isn’t perfect—a lack of friction in the turning mechanism makes it necessary to move the knob very slowly. Wandel says that the isn’tlock quite practical, and he’s right—beyond the speed, it would also be pretty easy to pick.

So don’t use a handmade wooden lock to guard your passport, but in terms of a DIY wood project with some simple mechanical elements, it’s great little project. Besides, it’s not like regular combo locks are that secure anyway.

Source: Matthais Wandel

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