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Annual Huge Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday… something else Sunday?

Seriously, we need a name for that Sunday.
For the last three years, Printed Solid has brought you some amazing deals on Black Friday and this year we are going to make it even bigger. Starting on Friday 11/25 and continuing through Monday 11/28 we’ll have great sales going.

These deals will be available at printedsolid.com and at our store 2850 Ogletown Rd, Newark, DE.

Check http://www.printedsolid.com/blackfriday16 starting on Thanksgiving evening and updates throughout the weekend for more deals.

Here are some teasers

UP TO 60% OFF FILAMENT. At least 15% all filaments (except for Ultimaker branded filaments) with deals throughout the weekend of up to 60% off some types!
$30 3Doodler DOORBUSTERS. We bought these for an event and it didn’t quite go as planned. Our loss is your gain. The first, and possibly last time you’ll see a ‘3D Printing Pen’ on our site. They’re kind of neat though and well worth $30.
$250 OFF THE LULZBOT TAZ 6. Once a year discounts on Lulzbot printers with a really great deal of $250 off the Taz 6. We’ll sweeten this with an optional mega bundle that includes everything you need to maximize performance of the printer including an enclosure, Simplify3D license, some tools, and a good supply of filament.

DISCOUNTED ENCLOSURES for the Ultimaker 2 Go, 2+/2. and Extended as well as Lulzbot Taz 5, Taz 6, Mini, and Robo3D.
FREE FILAMENT SPOOLS WITH 3D PRINTER PURCHASE. Our standard Holiday weekend 3D Printer special where you get some free spools with purchase of a regularly priced printer.
ColorFabb BUY 3 GET 1 FREE. The annual ColorFabb Buy 3 get 1 Free deal, but with a little twist. Instead of having to buy 3 filaments to get 1 free, we’re just flat out putting the eqivalent discount in place so you get it even with purchase of only a single spool. This year’s sale will apply to PLA/PHA and NGEN and will apply for Friday only.
E3D CYBER MONDAY. Specials on E3D will go in effect on Monday only.
SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. Great In Store only deals on Small Business Saturday with extended hours of 10-3. Come into the store for information on our meetups, a discount on classes, and other good stuff.
And, many more online and in-store discounts and deals!

Check http://www.printedsolid.com/blackfriday16 throughout the weekend for more deals.

New in the shop.
EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner
I’m excited to announce the first addition of a 3D Scanner to the store.

After testing numberous different 3D Scanners, I’ve settled on the EinScan-S as a good blend of price, accuracy, and ease of use. This really is an awesome little machine and very easy to use for scanning small objects. Install the software, place the scanner and turntable per the template, select the right contrast for the part and hit scan. A few minutes later, you’ll have some great high res images.

One of my good friends, Chris Milnes at 3D Printing by Mucky Chris did some testing and we will be posting a review on our blog soon. Here is a little teaser.

colorFabb NGEN Flex and SteelFill

colorFabb recently launched NGEN Flex and steelFill. Two great new materials to expand their already impressive range of high quality innovative 3D Priting Filament.

SteelFill is similar to their Bronze, Brass, and CopperFill. It is PLA/PHA mixed with metal powder and can be polished to a luster. It also has a much higher density than plain plastic filaments so that it feels more substantial. The steel is a ferritic stainless, so it generally won’t rust, but will be attracted by magnets.

NGEN Flex is one that I’m pretty excited about. It is a semi flexible material from the same Amphora copolyester family as NGEN, XT, and HT.

What benefits does this have over other flexibles? The big one is temperature tolerance. NGEN Flex will hold its structure over 110C which makes it ideal for many challenging applications where material like Semiflex lose structure at too low of a temperature. Since it is pretty stiff as far as flexibles go, it can generally be printed on most printers without modification if you print slow and hot enough.

New Friends!

On the weekend of 11/12 and 11/14, Nick and Kevin of Maker Box moved all their stuff into the Printed Solid warehouse in Newark,DE. For those of you that haven’t heard about it yet, Maker Box offers a subscription gift box for 3D Printing filament. You sign up, pay some beans, and each month you get a sample coil from 4 random filament suppliers with at least one being a premium material. Then if you like the filament, you can go back and buy a full spool from them or a partner at a discount. They also do things like sell partially used spools from the end of the coiling run at a discount. Pretty cool deal for those of us who like to experiment, but can’t afford to buy a spool of every new thing that comes down the line.

Where Printed Solid offers you a curated selection of the best filaments that I’ve personally worked with, Maker Box offers you a chance to try a little bit of everything including things that I might personally avoid. Does that sound bad? It really shouldn’t. It’s great to get advice from an expert, but it’s even better to learn by doing. In many cases, learning by doing is financially prohibitive (i.e., you probably wouldn’t buy a car without doing some research), but Maker Box gives you a great opportunity to do this without any financial difficulty.

Check them out at makerbox.me and use code PrintedSolid for a discount on your first box!

Free Stuff!

You made it to the end of my ramblings. You deserve a reward, but you’re going to have to work a little bit.

We are sponsoring a contest on Reddit at /r/3DPrinting. Link is here.

It is Holiday 3D Printing and Design themed. You can enter your design even if you don’t (yet) have a means to print them. There are incredible prizes from us and many of our partners.

Judging will be through a combination of popular vote (upvotes), my own vote, the Printed Solid team, special guest Joel Telling the 3D Printing Nerd, and our soon to be announced new technical blogger (seriously, watch our blog, this guy is awesome and has an amazing writeup on how to get sharper corners on your prints coming very soon).

Looking forward to seeing your entry!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t let political discussions ruin the turkey (or tofurkey or whatever).

Thank you very much for giving us the privilege of supporting your 3D Printing needs.

Matthew Gorton