Mozilla: 'IoT will be the first big battle of 2017,' calls for responsible IoT – Network World

January 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

You need look no further than some of the stupid IoT devices being shown off at CES 2017 to be reminded that practically anything can be connected to the internet.

Nokia’s Withings, L’Oreal’s innovation lab and Kerastase believe you would be better off by using Hair Coach, the world’s first smart hairbrush and companion app. It is just one of the many products that leaves me asking WHY?

Microphone in Hair Coach - the world’s first smart hairbrushL’Orea

Screenshot from L’Oreal video

Do people really need a hairbrush that comes fitted with a microphone to “listen” to how hair is being brushed, a gyroscope to analyze “brushing force and speed,” an accelerometer to “counts strokes” and has haptic feedback meaning the “vibrating handle guides brushing technique.” I don’t think so; nevertheless, it was a recipient of the International CES Innovation Award.

For some people, IoT is already in their clothing and other wearables, in their homes and even in medical devices implanted in their bodies. When it comes to IoT, Mozilla says we need to look beyond what is possible and ask, “What’s responsible?”