Why AWS is the IBM for the cloud computing age – CIO

December 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as the top infrastructure-as-a-service provider for large enterprises because of its stability and security, rich feature set, and track record hosting critical applications for enterprises. But its success isn’t based strictly on technology: It’s also become strategic in hiring former CIOs and CTOs to sell skeptical prospective customers.

That reality was clear this week at AWS’s customer event where Capital One announced that it had made AWS its predominant provider of cloud software through 2022 — a five year extension of a two-year deal it inked last year. “This was a strategic decision by us that AWS is an important partner for us and we’re willing to sign on for a longer term,” Capital One CIO Rob Alexander tells CIO.com. “Given their scale, pace of innovation and their customer orientation and the breadth of services we feel like they’re the right partner for us.”

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Capital One CIO Rob Alexander Capital One

Capital One CIO Rob Alexander.

Only a few years ago, AWS was a vendor that attracted startups such as Uber, Airbnb, Dollar Shave Club and others and a platform where developers working for large enterprises could to test their applications. Soon CIOs saw the speed with which their developers provisioned computing power and they began to think bigger: If they could run production workloads in AWS they could get out the business of running data centers.