What else is coming in Windows 10 IoT Core with the Creators Update? – ZDNet

December 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Microsoft revealed last week that Cortana is coming to Windows 10 IoT core as part of the Creators Update release due in the Spring of 2017.

But there’s more than just Cortana in that update, as officials told hardware makers last week at WinHEC 2016 in Shenzhen.

Here’s a slide from a presentation titled “Windows 10 IoT: Build trusted, easy-to-manage and interoperable devices,” which itemizes other features coming to that particular version of Windows 10 next year:

whatwin10iotgetswcortana.jpg Credit: Microsoft

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is adding a number of features to the IoT version of Windows 10 that are similar, if not identical, to what’s provided in some of its other Windows 10 variants.

Microsoft is adding a Device Guard security feature to Windows 10 IoT core, along with Microsoft Account log-in support; more device management and power-management capabilities; and Wi-Fi Direct support among other features.

During the WinHEC session, officials explained which types of “things” run which versions of Windows 10 IoT.