The IoT: Gateway for enterprise hackers – CSO Online

December 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

A very merry Christmas could give way to a not-so-happy New Year security hangover for enterprises, once a few million more Internet of Things (IoT) devices are unwrapped and migrate from homes into the workplace.

So, a webinar this week hosted by The Security Ledger titled: “Who Let the IoT in?: Finding and securing wireless devices in your environment,” was designed to offer some advance advice on how to cope with it.

Paul Roberts, founder and editor in chief of The Security Ledger, who moderated the event, began by framing part of the problem: Although the IoT is now well established, many of the legacy tools enterprises still use to identify and manage vulnerable devices were, “designed for the ‘Internet of Computers’ rather than the IoT.

“They’re poorly suited to spotting the radio frequency and other wireless communication protocols that connected smart devices use to communicate and function,” he said.