RaspArch, the Arch Linux Remix for Raspberry Pi 3 SBCs, Now Shipping with Yaourt – Softpedia News

December 6, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

After announcing the release of a new version of his Ubuntu-based ExTiX Linux operating system for Intel Compute Stick devices, Arne Exton has announced today the availability of RaspArch Build 161205.

RaspArch is a remix of Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computers, and the latest release is shipping with the long-term supported Linux 4.4.35 kernel and the latest package versions released upstream as of December 5, 2016.

“When you have installed RaspArch to your Micro SD Card you can use the system like any other Arch Linux system, i.e. install new programs, etc,” said Arne Exton in the release announcement. “Arch motto is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). RaspArch uses kernel 4.4.35-1-ARCH and the LXDE Desktop environment.”

Yaourt is now available in RaspArch

Those of you who want to install packages from AUR (Arch User Repository) will be glad to know that RaspArch Build 161205 is shipping with Yaourt, the pacman frontend. Also, the PulseAudio sound system is installed by default to improve the sound experience in RaspArch, as many users reported it as broken.

If you’re curious to know which applications or programs are included in RaspArch, we recommend that you study the complete list of installed packages. In the meantime, you can download RaspArch Build 161205 right now from our website and check the installation instructions if you want to install it on your Raspberry Pi computer.

While RaspArch is mostly targeted at Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single-board computers, it can also run on the older Raspberry Pi 2 Model A/A+ and Model B/B+ devices. According to the developer, RaspArch is a “ready-to-go” ARM system that’s using the lightweight LXDE as default desktop environment.

RaspArch’s Desktop – YouTube and Alsamixer running

RaspArch’s Desktop – YouTube and Alsamixer running