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December 10, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Time to get in on yet another IoT Evolution Week in Review. I’m not feeling like overly gilding the lily, so without further ado, little or no pomp and/or circumstance and just a modicum of impropriety and shenanigans, let us get underway.

In our lead story this week, Carl Ford waxes poetic on the possibilities and implications of “DEATH, TAXES and IoT under President Elect Donald Trump,” and gives us a roadmap to the future.

In a great guest post this week, Hilary B. Longo, Principal, Marketing Habit, gave us some insight on wearables, big data and IoT in healthcare, and introduces two forward-thinking companies using technology, data and algorithms in the healthcare space to have a real, positive impact on a larger community and globally.

And now, the news: Sensors for IoT are experiencing large-scale deployment in diverse end-user applications across verticals in standalone, integrated, combined, embedded and, more recently, wearable and ingestibles.

Mobile Experts has released a new, hard-hitting study that unapologetically draws a line between fact and myth in the developing automotive, connected transportation and telematics IoT markets.

In a rapid fire series of announcements, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has touted bringing Qualcomm into the fold, in addition to certifying several new solutions for using its platform.

The system framework that will support the IoT industry will be something that operates independently on its own, separate from any one corporation. The lack of standardization is the largest gap that’s holding back a massive flood of advanced technological capabilities.

Developers of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and connected embedded systems can now design in an added level of trust while also bringing their products to market faster, according to a recent release from Maxim Integrated products.

This week on the IoT Time Podcast, I sat down for the first two of a special “IoT Security Series” which begins this week. These episodes focused on policy that might affect the IoT under the Trump administration, and featured my conversations with former U.S. Congressman Rick Boucher and with lobbyist Bruce Mehlman, founder and partner in the firm Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas. These episodes are sponsored by the IoT Evolution Expo. To become a sponsor of IoT Time, please email or tweet me.

There’s plenty more to read, listen to and watch, so visit us on IoT Evolution World for all the IoT news, my friends. Now is the time to put into your calendar the next IoT Evolution Expo, to be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Also, please get in touch with us when you have stories. As always, if you have questions, comments, complaints or compliments, please send them to me, editorial director Ken Briodagh at or on Twitter @KenBriodagh.