How we got our tattered IoT insecurity blanket – Network World

December 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

In my last post—Your network, IoT, cloud computing and the future—I introduced a few trends that appear to be shaping the Internet we have today. This post is the first of two that detail my observations on the large-scale security picture on the Internet and what companies, network professionals and individuals need to take into consideration when addressing the new challenges presented by expanding trends such as the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Today’s installment outlines some fundamental architectural underpinnings of the security vulnerabilities we all face. The next installment will outline some near-term suggestions for things we each might do, as well as suggest some overall architectural moves that may make things safer for all users of the Internet

Technologies have histories

It is sometimes tempting to imagine that a little more ingenuity, planning or effort could fix the Internet. The trouble is, like any large-scale, long-lived technology, the Internet did not appear out of nothing. Its history shapes its patterns of development.

Given what it has become, it is sometimes hard to remember that the global Internet was once (as Vint Cerf said) an experiment. Today’s Internet is made up of a bunch of internetworked technologies (hence the word “internet”) that were put together in order to see whether it was possible to make a network of networks.