Here's what your hardware needs for the AWS Greengrass IoT service – PCWorld

December 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Amazon is bringing a bit of its AWS magic to devices and board computers with its Greengrass IoT service, which will help boost offline data collection and analysis.

The goal of Greengrass, an AWS software tool, is to make IoT devices and maker boards smarter. Even underpowered devices collecting data won’t be “dumb” anymore, Amazon says.

Amazon has kept in mind that smart devices can’t always be connected to the cloud for data analysis, and Greengrass brings some AWS software tools to devices to aid in better collection and analysis of data.

Developer boards are strongly tied to cloud services, which add more functionality to smart devices. Data collected from sensors are typically dispatched and collected in the cloud, where it can be analyzed and can define the next steps.

Smarter sorting of data on IoT devices could speed up the analysis, and ensure the right data is sent to the cloud. Sending loads of useless IoT data to cloud services can eat up bandwidth and cost money.

For example, data from sensors in industrial equipment can be analyzed to improve manufacturing or cut down on injuries. In the petroleum industry, sensors can be used to collect data that could effectively nail down the geographic location of oil reserves.

A robot or drone operator could offload basic training models to the devices to help in movement and navigation without being connected to the cloud.

“Code running in the field can collect, filter, and aggregate freshly collected data and then push it up to the cloud for long-term storage and further aggregation,” Amazon said in a blog post. “Further, code running in the field can also take action very quickly, even in cases where connectivity to the cloud is temporarily unavailable.”