Dell EMC joins The Linux Foundation's OpenSDS Project – CIO

December 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Dell EMC is joining the OpenSDS Project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative project. To mark its commitment to the project, Dell EMC is contributing CoprHD SouthBound SDK (SB SDK) to the OpenSDS project. The SB SDK allows developers to build drivers and other tools with the assurance that they will be compatible with a wide variety of enterprise-class storage products.

The OpenSDS Project is one of the many open source projects that are part of the foundation’s collaborative projects. Lately, the foundation has become a de facto body for companies to collaborate on their projects. I once asked Sam Ramji, the then CEO of Cloud Foundry (one of the largest Collaborative projects), about the benefits that projects get by being part of the foundation and he said that projects benefit from the huge community that the foundation has created.

Almost all big and small tech companies, including Microsoft, are members of the Linux Foundation. Which makes it very easy to cross-pollinate ideas and collaborate with companies in ways that would not be possible in isolation.

Projects benefit from the governance and management experience that they borrow from the foundation, they benefit from shared marketing, and most of all they benefit through Linux Foundation events that bring different industries under the same roof. This year Open Networking Summit became a Linux Foundation event and even the Apache Software Foundation now organizes its ApacheCon in conjunction with the Linux Foundation events.