Alternative energy is the answer – Maryville Daily Forum

December 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Anyone who thinks there is a shortage of natural gas in this country has a shortage in other areas of their life. There is a glut of natural gas and this country should expand the use of it. Currently efforts are underway to convert semi-trucks, cargo ships, and other large industrial equipment from diesel to natural gas. 

We should use natural gas as a stepping stone to get away from gasoline products. We have to continue developing alternative energy. Like any new technology it can be more efficient and available with time.

What we don’t need is government intervention, that includes propaganda from government run/funded colleges. 

So called intellects in universities around the country should spend less time trying to “mold” everyone’s thought processes and more time teaching math and science.

Face it,…social engineering is not working out for you. Try helping students develop into useful members of society. 

–Michael Rhodes