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Published 08/22 2016 07:42PM

Updated 08/22 2016 11:00PM

The way you work is going to change. Maybe soon.

The internet of things, otherwise known as IoT, is quickly being implemented in every occupation, even some careers once thought to be safe from networking and connecting to the internet.

The research, by Business Insider claims that by 2020, there will be 34 billion devices, buildings, vehicles and other ‘real things’ will be connected to the internet. That number, if true will be 3 times the number of iOT devices today.

The research claims that most occupations will be affected. Among the findings:

Farm equipment will be connected to GPS and smart computers and will be capable of planting, fertilizing and harvesting large acreage of any type of crop, needing no one to drive them.

Assembly lines will be equipped with sensors that will detect areas that are inefficient and indicate when equipment needs to be worked on, jobs that are currently held by factory management.

Shoppers will no longer need to try on clothes in retail stores, but will select outfits they like on a tablet and the image of those clothes will be shown in a mirror.

Those technologies are available now but have not been fully implemented. When that does happen it could result in fewer jobs being available and many workers replaced by robots and computers.

The research gives reason for anyone to look at the technology coming to their line of work or occupation and for college and high school students while deciding which career path they would like to follow.

To quote Business Insider: “The internet of things (IoT) is picking up speed and will change how we live, work and entertain ourselves in a million ways big and small.”

The revolution is coming and is already disrupting life as we’ve known it.

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