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August 22, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

In his view Ghanaians have not been benefitting lately from both thermal and hydro-electric sources of power and therefore the need for another option.

Mr Tse was speaking at the launch of a renewable energy product, the Sunana Solar Mobile Charger, at a recently held exhibition of renewable energy systems in Accra.

“Ghana needs an alternative source of energy to make homes lively and also improve productivity,” he stated.

Benefits of system

Mr Tse noted that the new mobile charging station was designed and developed to meet the needs of street vendors and low income earners who reside mostly in rural and peri-urban areas of the country.

He said with readily available sunshine, the product was capable of charging four or more phones at the same time and in a short time. The mechanism, he added, could be managed to generate income for vendors and other users who desire to go commercial with the product.

He recommended that the product, which had a custom designed solar panel attached to the top of an umbrella for generating energy and a table-top box for holding batteries, as well as other electronic components, including LED lights, was very useful because it could be used for very long hours.

‘The Sunana Solar system has the capacity to charge over 3,000 mobile phones in quick time at anytime of the day,”  he said.

Home Grown Solution

According to Mr Tse, the Sunana product had the potential of providing domestic lighting solutions. He said the system was durable and very easy to carry along anywhere one desired.

He said solar lighting had a long history of adjustments with regards to renewable energy and noted that the Sunana solar system  was one of the latest home grown solutions that was going to help reduce problems Africa was having with energy. 

He said the product was produced with support from the US African Development Foundation under the African Power Renewable Challenge and that he was hopeful it would go a long way to bring relief and comfort to Ghanaians who use the charger.