The restaurant where everything is 3D printed, from the food to the chairs – ZDNet

August 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ 3D Printed Articles


The view inside Food Ink’s 3D printing pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch.

Image: Food Ink

When diners at London pop-up restaurant Food Ink sat down to dinner last week, they may have been thinking about the fine dining menu of Mediterranean cuisine they were about to enjoy. But their meal was a little different to most served at haute gastronomie events: it was all 3D printed. And it’s not only their food that was made locally by 3D printers: the restaurant’s fixtures and fittings were too, from the knives and forks the diners used, to the chairs they sat on.

For three days and three special meals, Food Ink took up temporary residence in a Shoreditch side street to showcase the versatility of 3D printing.

During the day, the pop-up was opened as something of an exhibition space for the technology, where the public could see 3D printers and pens at work, and try some 3D printed snacks. At night, the pop-up became boutique restaurant, where 10 diners per sitting paid over £250 a head for a nine-course menu, printed during the meal while they watched.