Stay-at-home mom finds success with DIY blog – WDBJ7

August 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

TROUTVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Carrie Spalding is always working on something in her home, and it’s always a Do It Yourself project.

“You can really make it exactly the way you want it and for a lot cheaper,” she says.

“She’s always working on like five different things. So a little bit of clutter, you have to get used to,” says her husband Mitch Spalding.

Carrie was doing them so much, she decided to make a blog about it.

“Not that many people in my real life cared and I just wanted to talk to somebody about it would care,” she laughed.

A few years later, she’s making enough money to quit her job.

“I’m not making huge money but it’s a enough for us to pay our bills without me working and it’s something I never thought we could do,” says Carrie.

But it’s one DIY project that’s getting her some national recognition.

“This was an entertainment center that I got off of craigslist,” explains Carrie as she shows off her son’s play kitchen.

A play kitchen she made as a Christmas present for her son caught the attention of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Take one look and you’ll think it’s real, but most of it is not.

The countertop is painted, the burners are made from CDs.

“The sink was a pan, a pan from the Goodwill. The faucet is a real faucet that was from a yard sale,” says Carrie.

The article showed off her DIY talents and explains how she made it.

“It just felt kind of surreal because I thought ‘oh you know it looks so cool that we’re in this magazine,’ but it’s kind of hard to grasp that people all over the country are looking at the same thing, it’s not just us,” she says.

“It was cool,” says Mitch. “I mean, that’s my wife. I get to be the proud husband, that’s cool.”

Carrie hopes she can inspire others to try their hand at DIY.

“I think it just shows that you can do a lot more than maybe you thought at first because each little thing leads to another step and another step and then suddenly you know how to do hundreds of things that you didn’t know how to do before,” says Carrie.

And when you can make something you children love for just $35, Carrie believes it’s worth a try.