Open vSwitch finds new home at the Linux Foundation – Network World

August 12, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

The developers of open source virtual networking technology Open vSwitch (OVS) said this week they will move future development to the Linux Foundation Project.

The move releases Open vSwitch, which usually runs on hypervisors, up to a greater number of developers who can use it to further develop tools and applications for the virtual networking world. OVS works on a wide variety of systems, including Linux, DPDK, Hyper-V, and FreeBSD. The technology is used in a variety of Software Defined Networking applications, including NFV and network virtualization and it is the most widely used networking back-end in OpenStack, the foundation said.

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“Open vSwitch enables developers to easily connect and move between separate cloud environments. Joining the Linux Foundation will open Open vSwitch up to a greater number of developers who can use it to help integrate data and tools across different cloud platforms, and thus more easily hasten cloud migration and adoption. By retaining the lightweight governance model the OVS project has used since it began, the project will continue to operate the same from a technical governance perspective, said Kyle Mestery, distinguished engineer and director of open source networking for IBM. “The move to the Linux Foundation is a testament to how popular and robust Open vSwitch has grown.”