New tools to help cyber cell fight cloud computing crimes in MP – Hindustan Times

August 25, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Madhya Pradesh Police’s cyber cell will procure new equipment, including software related to cloud computing and forensic toolkit (FTK), to boost its existing armoury for fighting cyber crimes in the state.

“These new tools will enable us to tackle cyber crimes and nab criminals. Keeping in mind that new challenges that come up every day in cyber world, acquisition of new tools will be vital,” additional inspector general Ashok Khalko told HT.

For now, the cyber cell is focusing to fight cyber crimes related to cloud computing.

Hackers target cloud computing systems due to their huge information, mostly sensitive data, ranging from financial data to personal information.

Cloud computing depends on sharing computing resources instead of local servers or personal devices to handle applications.

The sharing of computing resources makes it a target of hackers.

“We will soon acquire an investigative tool focusing on crimes related to cloud computing. The cell will get software that helps in gathering forensic evidences from cloud storage. Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important part in computing,” said Khalko.

“Another new tool will help us in monitoring mobile phone applications. Cyber criminals are using some mobile applications to carry out subversive acts such as fishing out sensitive data from smart phones of unsuspecting victims,” he said.

Other tools to be acquired include FTK and Ufed

for getting more access to highly-secured hard disks and mobile phones used in cyber crimes. These tools will help in proper investigations in cyber crime,” he added.

The cyber cell had announced to set up a social media security laboratory to monitor activities and trends on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The lab will help the cyber cell to tackle cases of communally offensive messages and posts being posted on social and networking sites