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Make It Not Cornhole

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – To help get ready for tailgate season at East Carolina University, in this week’s Make It Monday, we’re showing you how to make your own yard toss game boards.

Make It Not Cornhole4

9 On Your Side stopped by Lowe’s Home Improvement on 10th Street in Greenville.

“It’s just a fun game to play with family and friends,” said store manager, Brian Edwards.

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Here’s what tools you’ll need:
– circular saw with a straightedge guide
– miter saw
– jigsaw
– power sander and various grits of sandpaper
– drill/driver with bits
– tape measure
– pencil

Here’s what materials you’ll need:
– 4 wood boards, 1 x 2 x 4
– 2 sheets of plywood, 15/32-inch x 2- x 4-foot
– 1 (4 7/8-inch-long) door pull
– 4 (1-inch) utility hinges
– 1 box of 4d finishing nails
– paintable wood filler
– wood glue

Click here to download the project diagram and cutting diagram from the Lowe’s Creative Ideas website.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create one board. You can play the game with one board, or make two boards and play against one another.

Once assembled, sand any rough spots. Then prime the boards and paint them your desired colors or designs.

“Part of the design of these is that they collapse,” said Edwards. “They have a handle on them so you can carry them with you.”

Make It Not Cornhole

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