Is it wrong to use Microsoft products on Linux? – CIO

August 14, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Under Satya Nadella’s leadership, there has been a change in Microsoft’s attitude towards Linux. Don’t get me wrong. The attitude shift isn’t out of a sense of doing the right thing or an acknowledgement that open source is better. It’s a business move. Microsoft has to go where its customers are.

On Microsoft Azure, 1 out of 3 machines now run Linux, so Microsoft knew it needed to support Linux developers. Microsoft worked closely with Canonical to bring Bash to Windows. The company is bringing SQL Server to Linux. .NET is available for Linux. Visual Studio Code now runs on Linux. And, they just released a new version of Skype for Linux. The list goes on.

But whenever I write about Microsoft’s Linux products I get a pushback from a segment of the Linux user community. That makes me wonder if it’s really ‘okay’ to use Microsoft products on Linux. If not, why?

To shed some light on this question, let’s take a look at some groups of Linux users and their particular motivations.