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DuoSkin Tattoos can control electronic gadgets via IoT.

DuoSkin Tattoos can control electronic gadgets via IoT.
(Mini Planet/Youtube)

Researchers from the MIT Media Lab have designed flash tattoos called DuoSkin that can control various gadgets such as smartphones or connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). 


DuoSkin Second Skin Wearables

According to Digital Trends, scientists from Microsoft Research have found a way to build both form and function on the new wearable devices that look like flash tattoos. Their research has been published on an MIT blog. The temporary tattoo smart gadgets function almost like a secondary skin.

The DuoSkin tattoos turn into connected devices that can control gadgets such as a smartphone or computer. Controlling gadgets through the DuoSkin tattoos is as easy as just tapping on them.

The idea is inspired by the trendy flash tattoos frequently seen adorning the forearms and the wrists of fashionistas. PhD student at the Media Lab Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao decided to add some high-tech innovation into these aesthetics. 

High-Tech DuoSkin Tattoos – Street Fashion And Smart Gadgets

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao explains in an MIT video that in Taiwan, there exists a culture of street fashion and cosmetics that allows individuals to change their appearance whenever they want. The MIT-designed DuoSkin gadget simply takes this to the next level.

DuoSkin tattoos are based on a very simple fabrication process that enables any user to create their own customized functional devices attached directly on their skin. The high-tech tattoos use gold metal leaf, a material that is robust for everyday wear, skin-friendly and cheap.

The connected tattoos can take the form of on-skin input elements resembling any traditional user interfaces such as 2D trackpads, sliders or buttons.  DuoSkin can turn user’s body surface into a virtual control know or trackpad that could be used for example to adjust the iPhone’s volume.

The ink-like qualities of thermochromic pigments allow DuoSkin tattoos to also bring soft displays onto the skin. These smart tattoos can change color if the user’s body temperature goes up or down.


According to HotHardware, the devices are able to communicate via NFC and connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). They can also store data that can later be read by another NFC-enabled device or by the smartphone.

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