Renegade: The First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bags & Bottles

July 14, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Press Release

Path to Renegade

We often use 3D printing for our projects and one day we finally got fed up with highly overpriced filaments. The plastic pellets used by manufacturers reach a maximum price of $0.6 per kg while the filaments they sell on to us can reach $200-250 per kg. After paying $100 for a 3D pen and being obliged to buy its filaments for $10 per 50 gram pack i.e. $200 per kg, we couldn’t help but think this is crazy!

At the same time we’ve all witnessed the mountains of used plastic bottles and bags that continue to critically pollute our environment. That’s how Renegade was born. The perfect solid tool to eliminate overpriced filaments and to save the environment by directly recycling and reusing household plastic waste for 3D printing.

What makes Renegade unique?

Renegade is not the smallest, thinnest, lightest or cheapest 3D pen in the world. It doesn’t weld wires, burn wood, or cut through foam. And, it’s not in the Cloud.

Renegade specialises in one thing, and one thing only – it prints 3D models by recycling your plastic bottles, files, and bags. It’s reliable, and it does it like a pro.

Renegade is here to provide you with a great 3D printing experience with no compromises. So stop spending on overpriced proprietary filaments, start saving money, and start saving the environment.

How does it work?

Renegade uses a robust and powerful extruder that includes a screw-feeder mechanism and heating system. These combine to transport, destruct, and melt the plastic tape produced by the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder or even standard filaments. The rotating screw forces the heated plastic to move forward evenly and extrudes it from the nozzle. The molten plastic then cools down rapidly into a solid and stable spatial structure.

There are practically no material limitations, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Become the ultimate creator; simply plug in your Renegade and start creating in minutes.

Tell me more about Renegade!

Renegade uses a powerful drive motor and gearbox, eliminating well-known issues in plastic material feeding that most 3D pens currently face. The temperature is adjustable from 50°C to 320°C using a single controller and the speed is also controlled by a single button.

Renegade can use 5 to 7 mm strips cut from PET plastic bottles, plastic bags, or plastic files with a thickness of 0.14 to 0.35mm. It can also use standard PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS, wood and other types of filament with a diameter of 1,75 mm.

Renegade features a strong and durable aluminium structure, sturdy mechanism drive, and electrical system, all designed for extensive work with a wide spectrum of materials.

Renegade is available in matte black and matte white. It comes with a removable attachment and with a colorful spool for plastic tapes.

What about ChupaCut?

ChupaCut is a manual plastic bottle shredder which produces the perfect plastic strips for use with Renegade. ChupaCut’s spherical shape allows it to create 3, 6, 9, or 12mm plastic strips without ever having to change the setup.

In comparison to its competitors, ChupaCut has curved slots that significantly reduce friction force and provide a very efficient rotation of the bottle, keeping it at an acute angle with the blade as it’s being cut. This also keeps the blade sharp for longer, and results in an easier, faster, and more stable cutting process.

Our new design ensures that the blade is completely enclosed within ChupaCut. After installation, the blade can only be removed by using another similar-sized blade so it is 100% safe.

ChupaCut’s telescopic holder keeps even large bottles very stable – in any position. A stable bottle means a more reliable cutting process that yields the smoothest plastic strips. We also chose to create an adjustable hollow handle with a screw cap, allowing you to safely store spare blades or any other accessories.

ChupaCut can also be used for many DIY projects and creative artworks. Handymen will be happy to know that it can even help to create sturdy ropes for a wide range of uses. Not to mention, its playful and colorful design will surely brighten up your day! ChupaCut comes in orange, yellow, blue, green, or red colors, all with a black handle.

The Stand

To go with your new 3D companions, we’ve created the Stand. Its minimal design makes it a nice addition to any desk. It’s a compact and convenient home for your pen and all your 3D printing supplies.

The Stand houses 6 cartridge spools for plastic strips, and can also provide additional storage for standard filament strands. Alternatively, you can use it to store and show off your ChupaCut to the world. The Stand comes in matte black and matte white.

What Else?

Renegade and ChupaCut bring you a green printing solution that enables the recycling and upcycling of household plastic waste.

Renegade – Reclaim, Save, & Create

Two 1.5L bottles or 12 plastic bags replace 25 standard filaments and you save $10 to $15 each time. An average 3D pen user can easily save more than $100 per month.

Approximately a trillion plastic bags and bottles are used worldwide annually, and currently we can only recover around 5%. It can take up to 1000 years for plastic to degrade, whilst every year a million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die from the plastic in our oceans.

Using a single Renegade pen, you can help protect the environment by preventing around 200 acres of plastic bag and bottle waste. When you choose not to use standard filaments you also save about 120 litres of crude oil every year, thus minimising the negative impact we all have on nature.

Through this, Renegade can be effectively used for many projects, from education and engineering to the creation of award-winning art and design. While saving you a significant amount of money and having a positive environmental impact.


ChupaCut Bottle Shreddder – £20 ( $26.4 current rate at launch )
Stand with Six Colorful Spools for Plastic Tapes – £12 ( $15.8 current rate at launch)

*Add £10 for US Shipping, add £15 for international shipping

Stretch Goals

£500,000 – Each Renegade 3D Pen will now come with an integrated LED light and a free set of 3 nozzles (ribbon-shaped, 0.5mm, and 1.0mm).

£1,000,000 – An added LCD screen for a more precise adjustment of the pen’s extruder’s temperature regimes, materials used, and printing speed.

£1,500,000 – Integrated Control Port will provide you with remote control capabilities for the pen, including the plastic extruding process. You will be able to connect the Renegade Pen to a 3D printer, CNC machine, or other devices to effectively make use of the Renegade’s capabilities for your innovative projects.

Risks and challenges

We have been working on Renegade for almost a year and a half before launch. We have already built and tested a working prototype of Renegade and its accessories. We’ve also completed testing on a powerful new extruder which enables recycling of household plastics for 3D printing. At present we are ready to finalise production tooling and assemble the list of suppliers and manufacturers with which we will begin full production.

To avoid potential risks we have developed an appropriate risk evaluation and quality control program. However, as with any project, there are challenges to success and there is always the possibility of delays. Sometimes, due to factors outside of developer’s control, such as supply chain performance, product certification, and the shipping process.

With your support, we can bring Renegade’s green 3D printing solution to the world. While we’re close to entering production, your contribution will help fund critical stages in our immediate future such as production tooling, large component manufacturing, and obtaining FCC and CE certification.