About this 3dprint company & Inside 3dprint NYC 2016 Review

April 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ About this #3dprint company,Original Articles

by Jon Acosto

The 2016 Inside 3DPrint Convention in NYC was a lackluster. 2015, had lights glamour, press, and a massive crowd. This year, fuggetaboudit….. the event was an old western town ready to become a ghost. As for vendor attendance, one-third of who showed up last year. There were non-3d printing vendors soliciting in a 3d printing convention. There was also one vendor who supposedly sold “3d printers” but didn’t bring a display model. There was also a 2D scanning product, felt like they went to the wrong convention.

Rising Media, the parent company of Inside 3DPrint charges an average of $2600-$3,000 for a 8 foot by 10 foot table booth. The event seemed rushed and unprepared. Many of the attending vendors expressed their disappointment after a private conversation. Vendors should not be fooled to pay these jokers the same rates for any future shows without guaranteed minimums.

Aside from that utter failure, there were a few good companies that attended and let’s hope this article gives them better exposure.

13007140_10153851983321747_2677769662133530381_nCubibot – is a San Diego, CA based startup 3D Printer manufacture who will have an upcoming Kickstarter campaign in a few weeks. Their product claims to be the smallest cloud based and Wifi enabled 3D printer packed with more than 15 innovative features. Features include: smart status notification, filtered ventilation, built-in IP camera, smart cartridge, Android and iOS apps, Heated Bed w/ on-off capability. Aria Noorazar co-founder of Cubibot spent three years developing this product. He claims his product can sustain long term durability with heavy usage at a low price. go to: cubibot.com for more information and sign up to their mailing list for their upcoming kickstarter campaign.

13010856_10153851982051747_8829685216306077123_nRokit – Invivo is a bio 3d printer, it is distributed by 3Disonprinter.According to Jim Martin,  Edison Rokit Invivo 3D printer can “grow cells in three-dimensional structures that become transplantable tissues.” This printer is not for the DIYers, this is strictly for medical professionals. At a price of $20,000, it can help millions of injured people with deformed ears and noses at a lower production cost. Every hospital should have this printer on stand by.




Here are some honorable mentions:

  1. MXD3d.com – 3D Modeling Cloud Based Software that helps fix CAD/STL files.
  2. graphene3dlab.com – Graphene 3D Lab, Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of technologies which improve the capabilities of 3D printing. The company’s go-to-market product, Conductive Graphene Filament, brings users the ability to 3D print circuitry and sensors for electronic applications.
  3. blackmagic3d.com – specialty filament manufacturer. Offering a 20% discount on purchases of 3 or more items. One Time used only. use code: 20off3
  4. voodoomfg.com – offers fast affordable high-volume 3d printing
  5. filamentexpress.com – is the exclusive American (North, South, Central and Caribbean) distributor of 3D Filkemp – Print Master Pro 3D printing filament

Some Freebies given at the convention: