Stacker 90-002 500 Desktop 3D Printer (4 Head)



Introducing STACKER , the first of its kind, high speed, multi-part, commercial-grade 3D printer, all for an affordable cost. Who said commercial 3D printing had to be slow and expensive? Print up to four parts at once. Optimized for high tech composite filaments. New HYBRID hot end for reliable printing. Expandable Z-axis for printing tall parts (up to 24″). Safe to use in any environment.

  • Print size of 250mm (10) x 450mm (18) x 220mm (8.75″). That’s right, you can print 24″ tall parts
  • STACKER uses a universal filament rail that accepts any filament on the market. Unlike most commercial printers that gouge you with high priced materials
  • Industrial Grade Components, stepper motors are a key component in any 3D printer. Unlike consumer grade printers, commercial grade printers need to run for hours and hours
  • Kinetic and Powerful Design. STACKER does not look like a kitchen appliance because it’s a productivity machine. There are no false bottoms or plastic panels to hide sloppy wiring and messy electronics