Smart Scouter 12 X 14 Inch Solar Panel Kit


The Smart Scouter Solar Panel Kit was specially designed to maximize operational time. The 12 x 14 inch panel is sized so it will continue to run the Smart Scouter in less than optimal lighting conditions. A special electronic controller controls the coordination between the solar panel, battery and camera. With average lighting conditions and a good battery, it will run the camera with no battery replacement required for as long as the battery and solar panels are functioning. This kit Includes a solar panel with 12 foot cable for maximized portability. A solar panel mounting bracket for easy setup. Water proof casing for storing the battery safely away from harmful elements. An electronic controller for trickle charging the battery while you use your camera away from the house. Two lock tight straps that make storage safe and secure. This solar kit does not include a battery, using the supplied original battery is recommended. Dimensions (in inches) : 14 W x 12 H.

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