Senhai 3D Printer Pen Printing Drawing LCD Screen WP002 Purple



The 3D printing pen is designed for painting lovers, designers, amateurs, students, kids, etc. The newest 2nd generation 3D printing pen, it is a magic pen that bring fantastic thoughts(imagination) into vivid objects (reality). So never miss the chance to live your dream! Make your drawing(dream) on paper get wings and fly in the air. The New Generation Printer Pen with LCD Screen Display can adjust the Temperature exactly, much Safer than the old Generation. An excellent tool for making crafts, home decor, gifts, and so on. Note: The LCD screen will display words “ABS” or “PLA”, choose the right material model”material selection,temperature adjusting” from the LCD screen. The selection must be same as the material attribute consistent, in order to avoid failure. The slender pen body suits hands habit, compatible with 1.75mm/0.005Ft PLA or ABS Filament material. Intelligent Standby Function, allows you to leave of your work without troubles. Specification: -Material Printed way: Heat Melt Extrusion Molding -Printer Material : ABS/PLA 1.75mm -Forming: Three-Dimensional Shape -Print Range:Indefinite -Spinning Speed: Adjustable -ABS Heating Temperature: 210 – 235 degree; PLA Heating Temperature: 160 – 250 degree; -Device Operating Voltage: 12V 3A Package Included: 1 * 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen 2 * Free Filaments (ABS) 1 * Manual(in English ) 1* USA Plug

  • 3D Printer Pen ,Speed Of extrusion: adjustable
  • Material used: 1.75mm ABS PLA ,Nozzle Hole size : 0.7mm
  • Extrusion Mode : Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting ,Heating Temperature: 160-250degree
  • 5M X 3 Colors Filament Gift
  • Easy and Safty to draw