SainSmart Leonardo R3 Starter Kit for Arduino (1602CLD + Prototype Mini Breadboard + Servos 5V included) With Tutorial Instruction Manual on Basic Arduino Projects



Leonardo R3

The Leonardo R3 for Arduino is a microcontroller development board based on the
ATmega32U4. It has 20 digital input/output pins, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a
micro USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It
provides everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply power it with
a AC-to-DC adapter to get started.

1602 LCD Module

It is for Arduino Diecimila Duemilanove, UNO, MEGA1280, MEGA2560 board. This
shield includes a 16×2 HD44780 LCD module and a 5 push button keypad for menu
selection and user interface programming. Fully assembled. On-line Arduino
tutorial and example code. Uses digital pins 4 – 10, and analog pin 0.

Prototype Shield Mini Breadboard

You can choose to
do soldering in the soldering area. You can also make good use of the mini
breadboard which can save your time of soldering. Try any circuit you want to
the Arduino. You also can choose to use your own breadboard.

Package List

1xLeonardo R3, 1xUSB Cable, 1xBuzzer, 1xNixie Tube, 1xTemperature Sensor,
1x74HC595, 1xInfrared Remote Control
1xInfrared Receiver, 1xPhotoresistor, 1xPotentiometer, 2xTilt sensor,
4xPushbuttons, 1xRGB, 1xFlame Sensor, 1xCell Box
1x1602LCD Module, 1xServos, 1xPrototype Shield, 1xMini Breadboard, Resistors,
Breadboard & Jumper wires, LEDs

Note: Please download documentation from the below

  • You could do hundreds of Arduino projects with this SainSmart Leonardo R3 Kit.
  • Components are included in the kit to get you started making your own Arduino Projects.
  • A Tutorial Instruction Manual will be provided to give you a full into to Arduino programming.
  • With this kit you will learn what Arduino is all about and how it is used.
  • 1602CLD + Prototype Mini Breadboard + Servos 5V included。

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