Quick FAMP3252B02CA00 Kor XP Downlight 4W LED Round White Bezel



Quick Kor Xp Warm White – White Bezel Brand New Includes Manufacturer’s Warranty, Product # FAMP3262B02CA00(Screw Mounted) Product # FAMP3252B02CA00(Spring Mounted) The Quick Kor XP 4W Warm White Round White Bezel is a recessed power LED downlight. The downlight LED has a 80mm round trim composed of AISI 316 stainless steel and a frosted lens. The downlight LED features round white bezel and is two-wire dimmable. Kor XP 4W Warm White Round White Bezel Features: Lamp Size: 2 9/16 in.4 WattsIP66 Weatherproof HousingVoltage: 10/30V DC Downlight LED

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