Prototype Supply 3mm PLA Gold 3D Printing Filament, 1kg (2.2 pounds)


Prototype Supply C1 series 3D printing filament – for demanding FDM applications

3D Printer operators looking for high-quality printed objects with better dimensional control, excellent layer adhesion, and a wide selection of colors are using Prototype Supply C1 3D printing filament.

Prototype Supply C1 filament is made especially for the needs of professional-quality 3D printing:

  • Manufactured specifically for use with 3D printers, not industrial plastic welding
  • High dimensional stability for improved accuracy.
  • Excellent melt and adhesion properties.
  • Wide spool diameter for straighter filament.
  • Greater selection of colors to choose from.

PLA 3.00mm
Compatible with:

  • Makerbot Thing-o-Matic w/ Mk6 Stepstruder, CupCake
  • Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2
  • Other printers with 3 mm compatible extruders and hot-ends

Also compatible with 3Doodler 3D pen.

  • 3D Printing Filament, Plastic, PLA, 3.00 mm diameter, 1.0 kg (Net Weight). Gold (Opaque)
  • High quality filament manufactured specifically for professional quality 3D printing.
  • Wide-core spool reduces extrusion difficulty caused by tightly coiled filament. 53-mm (2.1 inch) diameter mounting hole.
  • For Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2, Deezmaker Bukobot, MendelMax and other printers that accept 3.00 mm filament.
  • Recommended for printers without a heated print bed.

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