Polishing Paper Set



Ready to polish? Don’t need a whole kit? Just paper here.

Yeah, we know, it’s difficult to find polishing paper. We’ve sourced it just for you! One each of 6 different grits. Great for polishing after prepping with 80-320 grits easily found at your local hardware store.

8.5″x11″ (213mm x 275mm) sheets of 400-8000 grit polishing paper
• 400-grit (yellow)
• 600-grit (gray)
• 1,200-grit (blue)
• 4,000-grit (pink)
• 6,000-grit (teal)
• 8,000-grit (white)

Here is a demonstration video:

$13.95 USD
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Brand Proto-Pasta
MPN polishing-paper-proto-01