Plantronics PLN MicroUSB Data Cable Micro USB Data Cable



Micro USB Data Cable Brand New, The Plantronics Micro USB Data Cable lets you connect your cell phone to your PC / laptop. It allowes you to have backup your phonebook and contacts, organize your pictures and music files, download music, pictures, ringtones and games between your computer and cell phone. This 2-in-1 cable can also be used for charging your cell phone. The USB cable is compatible with devices that uses a micro USB port. Data Transfer From Smart Phones to PC, USB Charger Cable, Works w/ Any USB Port, Approx. 4 Ft. Long, Compatible With The Following Models: Backbeat 903 BackBeat 903 BackBeat 906 Backbeat Go Discovery 640E Discovery 650 Discovery 655 Discovery 655 Discovery 655 Discovery 925 Discovery 925 Discovery 975 Discovery 975 Explorer 220 Explorer 240 Explorer 320 Explorer 340 Explorer 360 Explorer 370 Explorer 390 Explorer 395 GameCom P90 K100M100 Savor M1100 M20 M40 M50 Marque M155 Marque M155 Voyager 510 Voyager 510 USB Voyager 520 Voyager 815 Voyager 835 Voyager 855 Voyager PRO Voyager PRO HD Voyager Pro Voyager Pro UC V1 M Voyager Pro UC V2

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