Plantronics Diablo3 Strategy Diablo III Strategy Guide



Diablo III Strategy Guide Brand New, The Plantronics Diablo III Strategy Guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of Diablo III and to surviving the trials that now tests all who walk the lands of Sanctuary. The Quest Guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the game’s primary campaign. The 31 quests are divided into four Acts and include maps of all towns, enemy information for first encounters, sources of loot, details on each unique monster as you encounter them and a brief description of all the possible sub-events you might discover in a given area. Diablo III Strategy Guide Features: Complete Quest Guide, Covers All Four Acts in The Adventure, Exhaustive Bestiary Detailing Every Monster in The Game, In-Depth Coverage of Heroes – Maximize Player Effectiveness in All Five Character Classes, The Only Official Resource to Blizzard’s Online Auction House

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