OpenBeam Kossel Pro Delta 3D Printer Kit with MatterControl Touch Controller



Fast assembly, automated z-leveling, heated bed platform and full metal hot end are just a few of the things that make the Kossel Pro one of our favorites! Designed around the OpenBeam aluminum extrusion system and featuring a full metal chassis, hardened steel linear rails & precision injection molded fiberglass reinforced plastic, the OpenBeam Kossel Pro is a work of art that’s built like a tank. The entire frame of the printer goes together with a pair of allen keys which are included in the kit and there’s no soldering required as all the cabling comes precrimped with robust locking connectors to make assembly a breeze. Automated print leveling and a heated bed that reaches peak temperature in just a couple of minutes keep you printing quickly, and often. The OpenBeam Kossel just got better with the addition of the MatterControl Touch controller. This OpenBeam Kossel comes with the MatterControl Touch controller which is your all-in-one 3D printing solution. Find new 3D prints and manage all of your print jobs from the MatterControl Touch Controller. With the Kossel and MatterControl Touch you will be up and printing in no time. MatterControl Touch gives you the ability create, edit and prepare models directly on your printer using a simple touchscreen interface. It includes an onboard camera, an easy to use interface and wireless internet capabilities. MatterControl Touch gives your 3D printer a life of its own. With it you can reclaim your laptop and eliminate the ‘SD card shuffle’ between your computer and printer. You get the full-featured experience of printing with MatterControl without relying on a desktop computer. Curious how your print is going? You can check the progress wherever you are via the web. MatterControl Touch can even text or email you a picture of your completed print the moment it’s finished.

  • The Kossel Pro features fast assembly, automated z-leveling, heated bed platform and full metal hotend
  • MatterControl Touch turns the Kossel into a truly independent internet-connected device
  • Remote Printing – Send models to your printer from anywhere, or transfer models between printers
  • Onboard Camera – Take a picture of your finished print or check on the status while printing
  • Model Editing Tools – Make simple changes to your 3D model quickly and easily prior to printing