NinjaFlex TPE Filament 175mm 50g Sun



The Splash Spool is loaded with 50 grams of NinjaFlex 1.75mm TPE filament. This starter quantity is great for experimenting, printing items such as flexible phone cases,model tires, wearables and adding a little splash of color to your prints. It is for use with fused-filament 3D printers (sold separately). NinjaFlex is made of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that creates strong, flexible printed parts with excellent abrasion resistance. The material bonds well to itself, minimizing the chance of printed layers separating when flexed or stretched. The print temperature ranges from 210 to 225 degrees C (410 to 437 degrees F).

  • Produces flexible prints with elastic properties
  • Easy to use and store 50 gram Splash Spool (57.5 ft)
  • Specially formulated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a flexible alternative to ABS and PLA
  • Try out several colors instead of 1 large spool of the same material
  • Due to the flexibility of the material, it does not feed well on all 3D printers, please check your printer specifications before purchasing.