Moultrie MFA-12602 Feeder Power Panel


Moultrie Feeder Power Panel Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Moultrie MFA-12602 is a Feeder Power Panel with 6-volts battery in one unit system for continuous power source in incommodious areas. It features built-in battery level indicator for low battery display. Its innovative design combines built in battery and solar pannel for extending feeder life. The 5 varmint-resistant cord allows placement in optimal sunlight, trickle-charge maintains battery life to maximum. MFA-12602 Features: Product # MFA-12602, Feeder Power Panel, Continuous Power Source For Feeders, Built-in Battery Level Indicator, Trickle- Charge Maintains Battery Life, 5 Varmint-Resistant Cord, Compatible w/ Cameras Powered by 6 Volt Batteries Only

$49.95 USD
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Brand Moultrie