Maker Architect 3D Printer



Are you ready to become a 3D model maker? Monoprice has the printer that’s right for you! This Maker Architect 3D Printer is based off our popular model 11614, with some changes for economy, while retaining the ability to upgrade to more powerful capabilities at a later time. By using a single-extrusion print head and a non-heated acrylic build plate, we’re able to offer this printer at a price far below that of similarly equipped models. Once you’re confident in your abilities and know more about what you want to do, you can upgrade to a dual-extrusion print head, which allows for two color or dual material prints, and a heated build plate, for use with ABS filament. Additionally, it comes with everything you need to get up and running right out of the box, including a full 1kg reel of PLA filament and an SD card with preloaded 3D models. So take the plunge and prepare yourself for the exciting possibilities that come with 3D printing! Print Continuously: By using the latest generation extruder technology coupled with reinforced drive gear, this printer is more reliable and capable of continuous printing with fewer jams than 3D other printers. Improved Resolution: Most 3D printers can print layers as thin as 0.2 – 0.3 mm, which provides for a decent, if somewhat rough print. This printer can print layers as thin as 0.1mm, which produces much smoother and cleaner printed models and is as good as anything currently available. Grows with You: Economy now, expansion later. This printer features a single-extrusion print head and an unheated acrylic build plate, making it perfect for most 3D printing needs. However, if you want to print in two colors at once, or with two different materials at the same time, you can upgrade later to a dual-extrusion print head. Similarly, you can upgrade to a heated build plate, which will allow you to print with ABS-based and other high-temperature materials. USB cable or SD card slot: Using a USB cable you c