House Cleaning Robotics Bare-floor Cleaning Robot, Family Clean Machine Automatic Wet Mop, Dust Clean, Low Noise Household Cleaning Robot by Ruichen



Life time 80 minutes or less (100 square meters or less)
Body size Thin (5cm ~ 8cm)
model CEN250
Product color WI (Pearl White)
Rechargeable Battery lithium battery
Battery capacity (mAh) 2600mAh
Rated Power (host) W 20
Rated voltage V 11.1
Charging time (h) About 4
A charge life time (minutes) 100
A charge the maximum continuous cleaning area / m2 120 to 150
The output voltage V charging stand 19
A charging cradle Output Current 0.6
Timing Have
Function Mode Automatic, fixed, border, reservation
Decibel ?60
Side brush Installed two get two
Dust box volume (L) 0.3L
Is there a remote control Have
Product Weight (Kg) 1.9
Dimensions (mm) 300 * 75
Box size (mm) 450 * 392 * 140

  • 7.5cm slim small benefits: Slim 7.5cm height, can be more flexible to deal with the dead and other home cleaning the bottom of a wider range
  • Bed dirtier than you think: Do you know a potential crisis at home at the bottom of it? Most of the bacteria, the bacteria are hidden in out of sight
  • First and then wipe dry wet mop drag instead of doing so. New cloth holder, matching bamboo fiber cloth shopping guide super lock water, then wipe dry before wet mop, mopping the floor instead of doing so
  • Easy to clean rag simple bracket. Match removable cloth holder, equipped with Velcro rag simple operation and easy washable
  • Automatic timer reservation backfilling. After setting the timer reservation, whether to work or go out, cleaning is no longer restricted once power is low, the mirror will be in the charging cradle ECO guidance return charge, worry and effort

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