Horizon FCSU-012 Mini PEM Fuel Cell



PEM fuel cells for education purposes, created by a leading industrial fuel cell manufacturer. Generate hydrogen using whichever Horizon kit you like and, once it’s applied to the fuel cell, stand back and watch as electricity is generated using nothing more than oxygen taken directly from the ambient air!


• High performance PEM fuel cell

• Converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water

• Fully compatible with the Horizon education range


• Tubing

• Pins

• Banana cables / connecting leads

• Syringe

• User Manual

• Clincher

  • Produce your own power by simply adding hydrogen to this mini PEM fuel cell.
  • Proton Exchange Membrane or Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cells use added hydrogen and the oxygen from surrounding air to produce electricity and pure water.
  • Translucent blue casing makes scientific observations fun and easy to view.

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