GoalZero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator w/Roll Cart Power Pack


“Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator w/ Roll Cart Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 31901 The Goal Zero 31901 is a Solar Generator w/ roll cart which is an add-on to your power kit to enjoy even more power. The Yeti 1250 solar generator is powerful enough to back-up critical appliances like refrigerators, freezers, health care equipments like heart monitors, oxygen and CPAP machines. This massive storage battery can be charged in silence using the free and clean energy of the sun. Plus, there are no toxic fumes and no worries about transportation or storage of flammable fuel. The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 features multiple ports DC, USB and AC to make it easy to power all your devices. Activate the ports with one master switch and let everyone in the family help themselves. The battery power pack comes with a rolling cart that makes it easy to move the generator closer to appliances and use shorter extension cords, minimizing power loss and tripping hazards. Yeti 1250 Solar Generator w/ Roll Cart Features: 1, 250 Watt Lead-acid (AGM), Connect using 3x USB, Female 12v port, 2x 6mm 12v ports &12v Power Pole Port, Recharges using Solar Panel, AC & Cigarette Adapter, Fully Charge in 20-24 Hours (Solar), Full Charge in 16-20 Hours (AC wall), 20 Laptop Recharges, 12 hours charge for 32″” LCD TV, 20 hours for Mini Fridge, Safe to Operate Indoors, Silent Power Generation, Chain Together for Additional Power – Back-Up, Camping, Tailgating, Light Duty Construction, & Emergencies, No Fumes or Fuel to Store, No Cords Needed from Outside, Rated for Continuous Duty, Easy-to-use & Monitor, Weight: 103 lbs, Dimensions: 16 x 11.5 x 14.5 in (410 x 305 x 370 cm), Operating useage Temp: 20-105 F (6-40 C), Optimal storage temp: 70 F (21 C), Charges / Powers: 12v Heater, TV, DSLR Cameras, Fridge, CPAP, Lights, Desktop Computers & More,”

$1599.99 USD
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Brand GoalZero