GoalZero Solar Kit - Boulder Generator Kit


Goal Zero Boulder Solar Kit for Yeti 1250 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 91006 The Goal Zero Boulder Solar Generator Kit consists of two 30 watt boulder solar panels and storage case. This kit lets you power up your generator battery off the grid. The kit charges Yeti 1250 using free and clean solar power, without worries of fumes and transportation or storage of flammable fuel. Goal Zero Boulder Solar Generator Kit Features: Solar Kit for Yeti 1250, Two 30 Watt Solar Panels, Helps in Off Grid Operation, 17-18 – Solar Converting Efficiency, Clean Solar Charging – No Fumes or Fuel to Store, Approximate Charge Time: 20-24 hours (Two Panels), FCC & CE Certified, What’s Included: 2 x Boulder 30 Solar Panels, 1 x Fabric Carrying Case for Panels, 1 x Roll Cart

$459.95 USD
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Brand GoalZero