Feb Smart PCI Express Riser PCI Express Bit Coin Mining Adapter PCIe 1x to 16x Card with USB 3.0 23.6in Extension Cable and SATA to 6Pin Power Cable-Graphic Card Crypto Currency Mining(3Pack)



Feb Smart V006C High Performance PCI Express Riser Special Design for Bit Coin Mining Graphic Machine or other PCI Express Device. It Provide a Safe and Reliable Way to Extend More PCI Express Slot from Mother Board. Comply with PCI Express X1 to X16 Device .

Tech Specs:
1.PCI Express X1 Gold Plate provide stable and fast connection from motherboard
2.23.6in USB 3.0 Extension cable provide super fast 5Gbps data transmission
3.15Pin SATA to 6Pin power supply make sure miner machine get adequate current for operation.
4.PCI Express X16 slot can works with PCI Express X8,X4,X1 GPU or other device for multiple use.
5.4X High performance solid capacitors stable voltage and current make the working machine safe.
6.4X Electric circuit protector keep device away from over current ,over heat and over voltage.

What is PCI Express Riser?
PCI Express Riser converts PCI Express X1 Slot on the mother board to PCI Express X16 slot.
The converted PCI Express Slot X16 comply with X1,X4,X8 slot, which means more PCI Express Device will be compatible.
6 Pin power cable Make Sure Mining GPU or Other Device works in high performance.
USB 3.0 Extension cable provide Super Fast connection and flexible plug in.

3X PCI Express Riser Board
3X 23.6in USB 3.0 Extension cable
3X 15Pin to 6Pin Power Cable
3X PCI Express X1 Gold Plate PCI Express Riser PCIe riser

  • 1. Feb Smart V006C High performance PCI Express Riser for Bit Coin Mining Graphic Card and Miner Machine provide a safe and reliable way to extend more PCI Express slot from mother board.
  • 2. Designed 4X High performance solid capacitors to make sure voltage and current supply stable than ever. Build in 4X electric circuit protector keep device away from over current, over heat and over voltage.
  • 3. Packed 23.6inch USB 3.0 extension cable for flexible Graphic card or other device connectivity. Equipped 15Pin SATA to 6Pin power cable provide adequate current for miner machine or other device.
  • 4. Simple PCI Express X1 slot from mother board covert to PCI Express X16 slot . Comply with PCI Express X1 to X16 device. Added fixed buckle on the PCI Express X16 slot to ensure stable connection.
  • 5. Stock product ship items in next day after the purchase and FBA shipping will available soon.

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